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01- Remi occasionnally ran into some trouble while shooting his videos, but never of the legal kind. To this day he does not have a police record. He stayed over at the police station twice...

02- More often than not, things get rough with the security details, but thankfully, it also happens to go smoothly.

03- Rémi got a few slaps in the face, but usually comes out fine thanks to his running speed. 

04- Rémi keeps shooting video, but not all of them are online.

05- Rémi signed a contract with Cauet in 2004, but this contract is no longer valid. Rémi currently owns all the rights pertaining to his images.

06- Remi did have issues with Michael Youn and Christophe Dechavanne, but he did not file a complaint. His adventures in the world of Show business are explained on the site

07- Remi does not have another professional activity and gets by thanks to short tem contracts.

08- From 2007 on, Remi has been running a production company, but he is not currently hiring.

09- Remi is only looking forextra when it is announced on the website.

10- The "Whatever" evening events are announced on the home page of the website.

11- Remi is indeed about to tour French cities to shoot new videos but he does not have a set itinerary

12- Remi's disguises are porvided by inter-Fêtes

13- Remi is not on MSN.

14- Remi is the one getting your messages, and most likely the one responding as well. 

15- Due to rights issues, the DVD is not currently for sale.

16- We do not help creating website or swap bannner ads.

17- Check out Remi at myspace and at facebook

18- The music references used on the video are all listed on the video page

Rémi, n'importe qui
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